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The size of your breast is controlled by the proper release of hormones during puberty and after. Also, for the body to maintain breast size requires the proper release of hormones. The main hormones involved in the growth and maintenance of the breast tissue are Estrogen, Progestrone, Prolactin and Corticosteriods. All of these hormones are normally released in the correct amounts causing the breast to grow to the average size, which normally is a "B" cup. However, all women are different and genetics play a major role in dictating how large a women's breast will grow. Many women's breast never fully develop or breast decrease in size as women age. This is due to hormone imbalance as well as nutritional deficiencies. Natural Curves will correct the imbalances by causing the proper release of hormones naturally. This in turn can enhance and stimulate estrogen sensitive breast tissue. In fact, many of the ingredients included in Natural Curves are natural remedies for hormonal imbalances and their side effects. This includes PMS symptoms such as menstrual cramps and mood swings.

443mg of: Wild Yam root, Saw palmetto berry, Fenugreek seed, Dong Quai root, Damiana leaf, Fennel seed, Mother's Wort leaf, Dandelion root, Blessed Thistle leaf, Chasteberry root, Asian ginseng root, Black Cohosh root, Soy Isoflavones, Bioperine

Take one tablet twice per day with water or at meal time. Do not take with caffine or carbonated beverages. After achieving your desired results, maintain them by using Natural Curves for a 2-3 week period every 3-4 months.